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TJ Series II 4WD Tractors - 280 to 530 PTO HP
TJ280 4WD Tractors
TJ330 4WD Tractors
TJ380 4WD Tractors
TJ430 4WD Tractors
TJ480 4WD Tractors
TJ530 4WD Tractors
  Setting new, even higher standards—again
New TJ Series II 4WD tractors set performance standards that put other 4WD tractors at a big disadvantage, while giving you powerful, innovative ways to increase your bottom line.
 TG Series II Tractors - 175 to 255 PTO HP
TG215 Tractors
TG245 Tractors
TG275 Tractors
TG305 Tractors
  Head of the class
They’re at the head of the class with unrivaled pulling power, hydraulic power, lift capacity, turning performance and comfort that pushes your operational efficiency over the top.
TV145 Bidirectional™ Tractor - 105 PTO HP
Model TV145   Work from the cab end or engine end—and always face your job.
T7000 Series Tractors - 135 to 180 PTO HP New!
T7030 Tractor
T7040 Tractor
T7050 Tractor
T7060 Tractor
  T7000 Series tractors give you everything you could ask for—strength, power, flexibility and innovative features. You’ve been waiting for this level of productivity and performance.
TM Tractors - 95 to 160 PTO HP
TM120 Tractor
TM130 Tractor
TM140 Tractor
TM155 Tractor
TM175 Tractor
TM190 Tractor
  Work Smarter
Put a New Holland TM tractor to work for you and you’ll make the most of every day. These new 95 to 160 PTO hp tractors are loaded with "smart" programmable features that make your job easier and help you work more efficiently than ever before.
T6000 Series Tractors - 80 to 135 PTO HP New!
T6010 Tractor
T6020 Tractor
T6030 Tractor
T6040 Tractor
T6050 Tractor
T6060 Tractor
T6070 Tractor
T6080 Tractor
  Whether you’re looking for proven performance in a package that offers exceptional value or a tractor that gives you the latest electronic conveniences and push button simplicity, T6000 Series tractors are built for you. You choose the model that’s configured perfectly for your application. T6000 tractors are a natural choice for haying operations, heavy loader work, roadside mowing or row crop applications.
TS-A Tractors - 80 to 115 PTO HP
TS100A Tractor
TS110A Tractor
TS115A Tractor
TS125A Tractor
TS130A Tractor
TS135A Tractor
  Kick your efficiency into high gear
TS-A tractors are a natural choice for haying operations and heavy loader work, and have the rugged versatility to tackle roadside mowing or row crop applications.
TB Tractors - 80 to 96 PTO HP
TB100 Tractor
TB110 Tractor
TB120 Tractor
  New Holland TB tractors are economical, reliable performers made for dependable day-to-day operation.
TL-A Tractors - 69 to 85 PTO HP
TL80A Standard Tractor
TL80A Deluxe Tractor
TL90A Standard Tractor
TL90A Deluxe Tractor
TL100A Standard Tractor
TL100A Deluxe Tractor
   Take a closer look and notice the generous number of outstanding features that New Holland includes as standard equipment to set TL-A tractors apart from the rest. Outstanding visibility results from the sloped hood and new headlight design.
TK-A Crawler Tractors - 62 to 80 PTO HP
TK75VA Crawler Tractor
TK90VA Crawler Tractor
TK90MA Crawler Tractor
TK100A Crawler Tractor
  Steep grades? Cramped working conditions? You'll have no problems when you work with a low-profile, narrow TK-A crawler from New Holland.
TDD Tractors - 62 to 80 PTO HP New!
TD80D Tractor
TD95D Tractor
TD95D High Clearance Tractor
  If you're looking for a tractor with reliable power at a price that fits a modest budget, look no further—New Holland TDD Series tractors are for you.
TN-A/TND-A/TNS-A Tractors - 45 to 77 PTO HP
TN60A Tractorr
TN60DA Tractor
TN70A Tractor
TN70DA Tractor
TN75A Tractor
TN75DA Tractor
TN75SA Tractor
TN85A Tractor
TN85DA Tractor
TN95A Tractor
TN95DA Tractor
  Efficiency and peace of mind are standard equipment
Generations of farmers have relied on blue tractors to power their productivity. That legacy continues with the New Holland TN-A Series utility tractors. Rugged construction, ample power and hydraulic capacity combine to make these New Holland utility tractors the perfect choice not only for the farm, but for many other work sites as well. Select the model that best suits your needs:
TNV-A Vineyard Tractors - 45 to 80 PTO HP 
TN60VA Tractor
TN75VA Tractor
TN95VA Tractor
  TNV-A tractors are ultra-narrow to fit perfectly between vineyard rows. Yet, these tractors handle demanding applications with ample horsepower and hydraulic flow.
TT-A Tractors - 35 to 62 PTO HP New!!
TT45A Tractor
TT50A Tractor
TT60A Tractor
TT75A Tractor
  Tough on work. Easy on your wallet.
The new TT55 and TT75 utility tractors from New Holland tackle your toughest jobs at an affordable price.

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