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Kobelco Full-size Excavators
Nobody knows more about excavators than Kobelco, and our Dynamic Acera Series proves it! Utilizing today's newest and best technologies & designs and built at the Kobelco factory in Georgia, these excavators are fast, powerful and versatile.

For more info visit www.kobelcoamerica.com

Horsepower 112 hp
Operating weight 37,800 lbs / 17,146 kg

Horsepower 150 hp
Operating weight 47,800 lbs / 21,700 kg

Horsepower 181 hp
Operating weight 57,300 lbs / 26,000 kg

Horsepower 197 hp
Operating weight 66,800 lbs / 30,299 kg

Horsepower 264 hp
Operating weight 79,600 lbs / 36,100 kg

Horsepower 326 hp
Operating weight 110,000 lbs / 49,900 kg

SK850LC Super Acera
Horsepower 496 hp
Operating weight 178,531 lbs / 80,980 kg


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