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If you’re looking for a grader that can do it all – you’ve come to right place. New Holland Construction motor graders deliver. From ripping and rough grading to precise and accurate finishing work, these graders were engineered to perform in every application. With five models to choose from, you are sure to find the one that works for you.
G140 Motor Grader
Operating weight 29,777 lb / 13506 kg
Net engine horsepower 140 hp / 104 kW
Top speed forward 26.6 mph / 42.9 kmph

G170 Motor Grader
Operating weight 32,077 lb / 14550 kg
Net engine horsepower 170 hp / 127 kW
Top speed forward 26.6 mph / 42.9 kmph

G200 Motor Grader
Operating weight 37,950 lb / 17250 kg
Net engine horsepower 200 hp / 149 kW
Top speed forward 26.7 mph / 43.0 kmph

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