Land Pride BSE10

Land Pride BSE10 for sale at Denver, CO

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Land Pride BSE10 for sale at Denver, CO



DESIGNED TO FIT SKID STEER LOADER HITCHES OR EURO STYLE HITCHES The BS Series can be attached to machines fitted with a Skid Steer adapter mounting plate and the BSE Series can be attached to machines fitted with a Euro style adapter mounting plate.
BALES CAN BE PUSHED WITH SINGLE AND DOUBLE SPEAR UNITS Good for pushing bales onto side dump trailers.
SPEAR UNITS PUNCH HOLES IN END OF BALE NOT IN THE CIRCUMFERENCE Very little moisture can enter the bale where spears punch. Grappling type bale lifts punch holes in the circumference allowing moisture to penetrate the bale and accelerates bale deterioration.
SINGLE SPEAR UNITS ALSO INCLUDE TWO SHORT BALE SPIKES Bale spikes keep bale from rotating on the single spear.
SINGLE SPEAR UNITS TAKES LESS FORCE TO PUSH THE SPEAR INTO THE BALE Bales of all sizes won't shift positions as easily while pushing the spear into the bale. Single spears are ideal for lifting smaller lighter bales.
DOUBLE SPEAR UNITS HAVE TWICE THE LIFTING CAPACITY Two spears can lift twice as much weight as a single spear. Also, the two spears spaced apart miss the soft inner core of a bale and probe the harder outer area allowing the spears to lift a heavier bale.
DOUBLE SPEAR UNITS PROBE LOWER ON THE BALE They can lift the bale higher.



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