Land Pride LR2684

Land Pride LR2684 for sale at Denver, CO

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Land Pride LR2684 for sale at Denver, CO



RETRACTABLE PARKING STAND Keeps the frame off the ground and makes hook-up easier.
16 1/2" RAKE HEIGHT Can move a great deal of material.
RAKE TEETH SUPPORT CHANNEL Design with channel support. This design supports the rake teeth better than competitor models. Prevents teeth entanglement and keeps attachment hardware from working loose.
5/16' X 1" HIGH CARBON SPRING STEEL TEETH Sized to eliminates premature bending and tooth breakage. Constructed of materials that have "memory" to spring back to shape.
INDIVIDUAL REPLACEABLE TEETH Makes replacing a damaged tooth quick and easy without removing all of the teeth.
7 ANGLE POSITIONS Versatility in operation. Vary how much material to move.



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