Land Pride WC1504

Land Pride WC1504 for sale at Denver, CO

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Land Pride WC1504 for sale at Denver, CO



Features Benefits
Quick Hitch Adaptable Quickly and easily attach chipper to tractor with one person.
1/4" Thick Rotor Knife Rotor features 4 replaceable 1/4" hardened steel cutting edges.
Rotor Knives Can Be Rotated When One Cutting Edge Is Worn Each rotor knife has two cutting edges to extend rotor knife life. When one edge is worn, rotate rotor knife 180o to a new cutting edge. Less downtime required to sharpen rotor knives.
Rotor Knives Are Replaceable Can replace rotor knives when all cutting edges are worn out
4-Bolt Flanged Bearings Improves bearing life
Cat. 4 Shear-Bolt Driveline Shear-bolt protects the unit when obstructions are encountered
Skid Extension Supports Allows the unit to sit on the ground while keeping the driveline near level. Extends life of driveline u-joints.
Adjustable Rotating Discharge Chute With Rotation Stops Directs direction wood chips will be discharged. Chute rotate stops keep the chute from discharging chips toward the operator feeding product toward the feed chute.
Adjustable Deflector Chute Helps control the distance wood chips will be discharged away from the Wood Chipper.
Self-Feeding System Product is pulled in by the sharp cutting edges with each pass of a rotor knife. Operator can be retrieving the next object to load while the unit is chipping the last limb loaded into the feed chute.



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