Land Pride RC3715

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Land Pride's RC3715 is identical to the RC3712, simply 3 feet wider. It features a 3" cutting capacity, 12" deep deck, ¼" side skirts, and is available in 540 or 1000 RPM. Like the 12-foot model, it is designed for tractors in the 50 to 160 HP range with a divider gearbox rated at 160 HP and 130 HP wing boxes. The gearboxes have a 2" output shaft. The input driveline is a constant-velocity, Cat. 6 with Cat. 4 wing drivelines. The tire offering on the RC3715 is expanded to 4, 6, or 8 tires in 4 sizes, including our new 26" laminated tire. Height adjustment utilizes flip over spacers as opposed to the donuts commonly used by competitors. The blades are ½" x 4" with a 6" overlap. Deck rings are available as well as fold options that allow for narrow transport or independent control of the wings.


  • 15' Width
  • Cat. 6 main CV driveline
  • 10 Gauge sloped deck
  • Cast steel greaseable wing hinges
  • New heavier wheel bearing seals
  • 3" Cut capacity
  • Flip-over spacer and transport lock

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