Land Pride OS1572

Land Pride OS1572 for sale at Denver, CO

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Land Pride OS1572 for sale at Denver, CO



2" or 3" Spacing Knife spacing for different geographic soil types, conditions and moisture.
Seed to soil contact Knives create a slit, the seed is precisely placed in the slit and the roller incorporates seed to soil contact (for better seed germination).
Easy seed cup and seed box emptying Flute is designed to allow easy clean out of material in seed box and seed flutes.
Seed box agitator Eliminates seed bridging.
Seed cups with powder metal flutes Superior metering accuracy by each flute. Powder metal dissipates heat to keep cups running cool.
Gauge wheel or rear roller seed cup drive Gauge wheels keeps knives in ground more consistently in undulating terrain. Rear roller drive allows for closer seeding to obstructions.
Water tight seed box Keeps water out and seeds in.
Wind guarded seed drop Seed rate is consistent across width of the machine and is not hampered by windy conditions.
Straight Knives More aggressive, picks up thatch.
Curved Knives Less aggressive and less disturbance of thatch layer.
Small seeds box Simultaneously seeds second type of seed.
Slit seeder attachment Guides seed directly into slit. Good for overseeding expensive grasses to insure good seed to soil contact.
Front roller (Option) Used to set seeding depth with units equipped with rear roller drive. Precise depth control.
Offset hitch – 48" unit Offset by 10" to cover right tire track.
Machine weights 48" - 1260 lbs; 72" - 1605 lbs.
0"-1 1/2" Depth adjustment Adjust depth for different seed types, soil conditions and moisture.
High carbon heat-treated knives Last longer in sandy soils.
High tensile roller chain Provides a smooth and quiet drive.
1 Bushel per foot seedbox Fill less often with a large box.
Seed splash guard Seedbox lid has a guard to prevent seed from being spilled between lid and box.
Heavy-duty lid Lid won’t buckle or slam shut in high winds.
Lift hooks Allow for easy loading & unloading from trailers
Packer wheel scraper Prevents soil buildup on packer wheels in moist conditions.
Covered drive chains Drive chains are covered for safety, as well as keeping tree branches away to eliminate chain jumping.



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